Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fantastic, absolutely fantastic!

Guess what folks. Yesterday evening I checked my OU course page and I have a big Pass printed next to M801! I have my MSc!!!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Marvellous, absolutely marvellous!

And so I attended the Mass Writing session that Darrel organised on Monday the 15th of June. It was brilliant!

The first and best realisation (as one of the student speakers) was that we were all quite terrified of one another. Boyd was worried that we were all going to say the same and that since he was neither an artist nor a professional programmer that he would be out of his depth. Ira was worried that he as an artist was going to have to speak to a room full of computer scientists. One of the guys mentioned that he has never done this kind of presentation before and I was starting to wonder where I fitted in with the artistic flair of a black spot.

Just to make absolutely sure that we were total wrecks, Darrel reminded us that the session will be webcasted.

Darryl and Ira preparing for the presentation

However, things went really well. It was great to meet some of you guys in person. Meeting Ira, listening to his experiences and how he goes about doing things was absolutely enlightening and enthusing.

Darrel’s arrangements couldn’t be faulted and it was great to be introduced to his fantastic secretary and see his glitzy building where he is currently chief in charge of Computer Science. We had a lovely lunch between sessions and despite my tendency to fall asleep when I’m nervous, the sessions were so interesting that sleeping never crossed my mind … or my mind never crossed over to sleeping.

I said it then and I’ll say it now: Many thanks to Darrel  for a marvellous day and a marvellous opportunity to have been part of this project.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rotating Photo Frame

Using the gifAnimation library it was quite simple to create this little animation.


01 import gifAnimation.*;
03 int i = 0;
04 PImage i1,i2,i3;
05 boolean looping = true;
06 int direction = 1;
07 GifMaker gifExport;
08 int frames = -1;
10 void setup() {
11   size(400,300, P3D);
12   frameRate(24);
13   gifExport = new GifMaker(this, "export.gif");
14   gifExport.setRepeat(0);        // make it an "endless" animation
16   i1 = loadImage("img1a.jpg");
17   i2 = loadImage("img2.jpg");
18   i3 = loadImage("img3.jpg");
19 }
21 void draw() {
22   frames++;
23   background(255);
24   translate(width/2,height/3);
25   rotateY(direction * (frameCount*PI/100));
26   createCube();
27   gifExport.setDelay(1);
28   gifExport.addFrame();
29   if (frames == 199) noLoop();
30 }
32 void createCube() {
34   beginShape(QUADS);
35   texture(i1);
36   vertex(0,0,0,0,0); // top left
37   vertex(100,0,0,100,0); // top right
38   vertex(100,100,0,100,100); // bottom right
39   vertex(0,100,0,0,100); // bottom left
40   endShape();
43   beginShape(QUADS);
44   texture(i2);
45   vertex(0,0,-100,100,0); // top right
46   vertex(100,0,-100,0,0); // top left
47   vertex(100,100,-100,0,100); // bottom left
48   vertex(0,100,-100,100,100); // bottom right
49   endShape();
51   beginShape(QUADS);
52   texture(i3);
53   vertex(0,0,0,100,0);
54   vertex(0,0,-100,0,0);
55   vertex(0,100,-100,0,100);
56   vertex(0,100,0,100,100);
57   endShape();
58 }